I am just a trekkie appalled by the new movie.


Quick reminder that it’s okay to like a problematic thing as long as you recognize it’s problematic.

All of my friends think I hate them b/c they went to see STXII and like, no, I don’t hate you for wanting to see the star trek movie.

I hate that Beastyboy Cabbagepatch was cast in a role that is traditionally PoC. I hate that JJ Abrams didn’t think there were any Desi actors good enough to play Khan Noonien Singh. I hate the imperialistic narrative inherent in having a white British man play a Desi role.

Abrams is racist. Whitewashing is racist.

Going to see the movie isn’t necessarily racist. Even liking Crumplehorn’s performance isn’t necessarily racist. 

But please remember that the casting of him is inherently racist. Please don’t be that fan that says “If you insult  Cumberbatch, you insult me,” and then write off people who point out that yes, his portrayal is ultimately racist because the character is Desi and he is not.

Star Trek has a long and amazing history of PoC inclusion and it made me very sad that this history was not honored, especially after Abrams did such an amazing fucking job on the FIRST movie.

So just… listen, if I say STXII was racist, I’m not saying my friends who enjoyed STXII are racist. However if you turn around and tell me that I’m “getting angry about nothing” or “overreacting” then I will side-eye you pretty hard.

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I like how Hollywood makes excuses about making a character ‘white’ when the source material or person in history was of some other ethnicity by saying ‘we couldn’t find a good enough actor for the part.’

I guess they just ignore the foreign films industries and talent pools when convenient.  It might have more to do with selling more tickets and dvds with a recognizable American or English actor than overt racism as in the past.

It’s 2013 and still pretty dumb they still do this. 

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Someone once asked me why I was harping on Butternut Clergyman and not on Johnny Depp as Tonto

I ignored the message because at the time I was worn out and lol mostly cause I was talking about Star Trek so bringing up the Lone Ranger would have been kinda weird?

See, Star Trek means something to me and members of my family. My step father and his mother are big Trekkies. My maternal grandmother was always there for Nichelle, even my mom tuned in to a few TNG episodes (She pretends she’s not a Whoopi fan, but I know. Also Levar) 

No one in my house gives a fuck about The Lone Ranger. NO ONE. My grandmas ain’t watch that shit and my parents are way too young to have watched it. The Lone Ranger has always been kind of…ehhhhh. Tonto was arguably not a bad character,(not as bad as he could have been anyway) but he was def a stereotype. (Dat pidgin) I will say tho, it’s the same bullshit as in Star Trek that in the TV series Tonto was played by a Native Man while in the new movie “LOLOLNOPE”

I’ll believe that Buffalo Crumbsbatter didn’t know he was Khan. I can believe that because lol I mean look at the movie. I have trouble believing he really understood what was going on. But Depp knew he was playing Tonto, personal responsibility comes in here. Depp ain’t hurting for roles, he ain’t hurting for money. Nah, this was a dick move and I don’t give a fuck about his intentions. He’s still in the wrong. 

And in my other post my point was it’s disrespectful to take Star Trek, which really did stand for diversity and….un diversify it and I felt like people really didn’t/don’t understand what that meant to people and what it still means for people all over the word. 



I feel like 


I shouldn’t have to explain


why and how this 


Is racist as hell tbqh


I mean honestly.

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"The last ‘Superman’ I got offered, the script came, and I was like, ‘There is no way I’m playing Superman!’ Because I had already done Jim West [of ‘Wild Wild West’], and you can’t be messing up white people’s heroes in Hollywood! You mess up white people’s heroes in Hollywood, you’ll never work in this town again!"
blockbuster actor Will Smith jokes about being offered the role of Superman  in Superman Returns (the role eventually went to an unknown white actor, Brandon Routh.)  MTV news, June 2008  (via racebending)
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People of color are always accused of being sensationalists, of being trolls, of ‘starting shit’ when we bring up issues of racism, whitewashing, and inequality in mostly white spaces.

Well. I’m not ashamed of starting shit.

Shit needs to get started. Even if you hate me for it, you’re still thinking about it.

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asked: Thank you for this blog. I was so upset when I found out about Ben being Khan. Even in the movie, it was... jarring trying to make the connection that he was supposed to be Khan. It's just a lil odd that everyone gets to look at act super close to their characters and then you have KHAN WHO IS NOTHING LIKE KHAN? I'm just so mad because this is a huge problem but a lot of people irl and online seem to not even give a shit! Or keep making excuses!


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"It’s not racist - they’re just hiring a well known actor to drum up popularity for the movie!" 



And it’s funny, isn’t it

How the most well known actors seem to be so overwhelmingly white

Almost like there’s some type of

I don’t know

Institutional discrimination going on

As though actors of color so rarely have the chance to become as well known as white actors

As though movie roles are overwhelmingly written for white people

And even when they aren’t

White actors tend to get cast anyway

Because you know, it’s not about race

They’re just more talented and well known


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waaait are white ppl still claiming that there’s nothing wrong with benedict cumberbatch playing khan in star trek

i thought we’d decided several weeks ago that the movie was whitewashed as fuck


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Star Trek Reboot Fail 


This has been running through my head for a while now as a way to articulate all the many different ways that the Star Trek reboot, and more specifically, Star Trek: Into Darkness have disappointed and hurt fans. You see, Star Trek: The Original Series had a lot of flaws. It was campy, the sets were sometimes made of tissue paper, and the plots could be as cliché as could be. It also failed a lot of times at showing equality, and feminism. But there were also many times it succeeded (and as any fan knows, it was very progressive for that time period). Women were never captains, but they were lieutenants, and there was a whole episode pointing out that it was a problem that women weren’t captains (even if the show’s portrayal of that particular woman was problematic). People of color and different ethnicities were placed in roles that nobody else would have cast them in at the time.  

Khan, for example, was amazing. Here was a person of color who is literally introduced as the pinnacle of human evolution. Kirk and McCoy talk about how much they admire him, and despite his actions in the episode, Khan is given the chance to do exactly what he wanted at the end (build a superhuman colony). Did they actually manage to cast an Indian man as Khan? No, but that was their goal, and I have no doubt if the original production crew of TOS were filming the original series today, there would have been an Indian actor in that role. Only, that’s not what J. J. Abrams and his writers did, did they? Instead we got a stereotypical sneering British Caucasian actor. And by doing that they erased the message of racial equality and supported the white supremacist nonsense that Space Seed (Khan’s episode) was fighting against.  

And this is, I think, the big problem with the reboot in that it’s trying to capture the nostalgia for the original series without understanding that we’re nostalgic in spite of its problems, not because of them. By slavishly recreating the problematic aspects of the original series (some of which only exist in J. J. Abrams and co’s minds. See this excellent essay on how TOS!Kirk isn’t a womanizer, despite the fact that many people seem to remember him this way), the reboot negates any of the power the original series had, and additionally comes off as racist and sexist. While these things may have been okay in the 60s, it is now 2013 and the racism and sexism are no longer acceptable, and were in fact, no longer acceptable quite a while ago.

It’s quite depressing to see in Star Trek in particular because the mission of Star Trek was always to show the best future for humanity. There is a scene in Balance of Terror where a crewman is racist against Spock and Kirk tells him immediately that his attitude isn’t acceptable in Starfleet. The idea was that while these racist, misogynist, classist, etc. problems still persisted into the future, they weren’t endemic or systemic.

And yet, the reboot shows us consistently that these problems are still very much endemic to the system. Women have been allowed to be more competent and have more characterization in the reboot… Sorry, Uhura was allowed, but she still is portrayed almost entirely in relation to her boyfriend. Considering how women were excellent scientists, historians, psychiatrists, etc. in the original series, the reboot is hardly progressive. Or how about how every single main female character has been stripped down to her underwear while a camera lingers over her lingerie covered form? Until they do that to every single male character (or cut it out entirely), that is not equality. I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with the mini-skirts in the 09 movie because I spotted a female crewmember wearing the male uniform on the Enterprise in one scene so I figured that the mini-skirts were a fashion, possibly one that had swept through the female cadets since they’re all wearing mini-skirts (and people should be able to wear what they want). However, that was thrown out the window entirely in the second movie with every woman in a (mostly short sleeved) mini-skirt dress (which, quite frankly, looked ridiculous next to their double layered, long sleeves and trousers male co-stars). I kept thinking that either the women were freezing or the men were sweating heavily.

So the underlying problem with the reboot is that it doesn’t even attempt to portray the better future Gene Roddenberry and others envisioned. Its only mark towards progressiveness is that there is slightly more diversity making up the crews on starships (and by diversity, I mean more people of color – women and aliens are out of luck). In regards to women, Uhura was developed slightly more, but that was allowed only by making her Spock’s girlfriend. Carol Marcus’ whole motivation was her father.  Nurse Chapel has been (disgustingly) turned into one of Kirk’s conquests. And notice how the only women Kirk is shown sleeping with are alien women (who don’t count because they’re not human and the Other, right? </sarcasm)? There was no passing of the Bechdel test. Kirk has become much less progressive in regards to women. Starfleet doesn’t seem to be explorers, but a military organization geared towards war.  Spock violates Pike’s mind just because he’s curious. One of the most complex and intriguing villains of the entire franchise has been whitewashed, destroying the original series message of racial equality and tolerance. I had hopes after the first reboot movie that the second would redeem the problems of the first, but instead the second movie only magnified the ones that were there and created more.

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A lot of the comments that I’ve read on this post have kind of just pissed me off. I mean it is the typical “what about the white mans” behavior. That post wasn’t about the white man. It was about white-washing. It was about the industry and how they can make shitty moves. But of course everyone has to make it about the white dude. And all of the excuses are just a bunch of bull. Khan was played by a Spanish actor? Yea I feel you it would have been better to have an Indian actor but still at least it was a POC. They didn’t mean for him to be Khan at first? THAT’S EVEN FUCKING WORSE. That means they had the chance to not white-wash Khan. AND THEY FUCKING DID IT ANYWAY. Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor? Talking about that on this post is like seeing a post about pizza and commenting that you like cats. Hilarious the first time but fucking irritatingly irrelevant the 293840988305739087th time. They asked two other actors? OH. RIGHT! my fucking bad of course they exhausted all of the good actors that are also POC. There are definitely only two actors of color out there. Right. my FUCKING bad. 

just. Fucking get your shit together people. Get a little fucking perspective. 

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